“AI Recognition”

But after the zine came out, I realized my stream of consciousness and my complicated personal emotion might not be that easy to be understood by others. I asked a few people how they think of this zine to understand what emotion I want to share. They seem all confused. They said they had seen a lot of layers, animals, sightseeing ..........looks interesting but nothing else. I suddenly realized, their recognition of an image seems like AI recognition. I have heard many companies hire low-paid labourers to do the image annotation work for the AI data sets. Then I feel I want to make an appropriate work that combines my previous zine and this recognition way. I want to use this way to show the self-mockery of my “unsuccessful”: I made a photography zine, but the viewers seem like only using a machine-way to tell what object is inside but can't comprehend my work with a human mind. They don’t really understand! This time hope you can really find the path to go through it!


                                                                                                                                                                           @Ruiqi Li 2021