Game is an immersive inviroment for you to escape the reality(greif/trouble/.....) and enjoy the real yourself and your deepest mind without any decoration. You play with the rules, you challenge yourself and you feel good.

    You walk on the street, prepare one sentense to give to someone            you meet on the road and you ask that person for a sentense to give      to others as well. Then you pass this sentense to the second person      you choose,  then ask a new one...until the 10th person. Post those        11 sentenses on your social media. Hint: Don’t be shy!


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About : Games,Design and Play

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“Games, Design and Play differs in that it connects the conceptual and design considerations of games with the process of actually designing a videogame from start to finish, from idea to prototype to playtest and finally, a fully realized design. To put it another way, Games, Design and Play is a practitioner’s guide to designing games. It looks closely at games, identifies how games work, and shows you how to design one from idea to fully realized game.”

“Game design is the practice of conceiving of and creating the way a game works, including the core actions, themes, and most importantly, the game’s play experience. Game design requires an understanding of different kinds of games, how they work, and the processes game designers use to create them.”

“Games have style—visual, aural, written, experiential—and they create emotional responses and experiences for players to reflect upon. We want to understand games as things that generate experiences and different dynamics—in a word, play.”

I'm not a very-game person to be honest, since I was a child. I do play and feel obssessed with some specific types of games but not familiar with some like KOF, WOW, League of Legends..... But there are still something relevant to games gives me feeling and inspiration. For example, the movie Ready Player One built an immersive world. I watched a few times and kept diging the shots/characters.......The emotional responses and experiences made me feel like I’m really playing the games in the movie, altough I may not play the similar games in real life. This is the dynamics where chapter one mentioned. “The more focused the designer wants the experience to be, the smaller the space.The more the designer wants the players to develop their own experience, the more open the space of possibility will be.Game state refers to a particular moment. ” As written in the preface, this book is more focus on game design and the core elements:  actions, goals, rules, objects, playspace, and players. Now I have some basic understanding of game logic and design process.

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A theory of Play and fantasy-Gregory Bateson + The Aesthetics of Play - Foreword and Chapter 1.1 Defining Play

Play experiences is very important as well.
What is play?
Play is a consciousness. 
Play is a movement either physical or mental by constrains. I remember when I was playing a game called Two Dots, I’m very ambious on pass the levels and I am extremely concentreted on playing itself. I enjoy the feeling of get rid of the constrains. My emotion was conbined with joy and tnesion at the same time.
“A game is a system in which players engage in artificial conflict, defined by rules, that rules in a quantifiable outcome.”“All that play requires is the construction of a system of rules and the freedom to move within them.”
Under the construction of the system, I lived into the world where the game build. This is somewhere you are yourself but not yourself. You enjoy/express/abreact/extend the sense.......
Monkeys can play but not combat as well. Play can be about noema but that’s not realy necessary. Do you renember when you are a child, you are not smart enough (similar to the monkeys’ play), but you are really happy and enjoy those simple happiness?

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