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Designing Games: A Guide to Engineering Experiences

The professionalism of a game designer requires that he be able to notice some emotional changes while playing the game. There are a lot of carefully designed or mechanically triggered emotional points in a game, and the more you get at them, the more quickly you can sense and appreciate the ingenuity behind them. The same game behavior, in different contexts, produces different values, thus bringing different emotional experiences to players. Immersion is achieved through the integration of the character's experience and the player's own experience. Information from blank, to translucent, to complete, is one of the essence of game design, which is also our game to let the player get more clues step by step, complete the story line. The key to a mechanic that gives players insight is to allow them to make connections between old and old discoveries with new ones. It's a representation of one of the oldest forms of human deductive thinking. These are some of my thoughts on Tercess. From never knowing how to play, to gradually discovering clues along the way and incorporating information you already have into new experiences.

Tarot cards have had a profound influence on my game design. Recall some of my own experiences with tarot cards:
I always turn to Taro when I'm feeling down, frustrated or in trouble. I didn't know much about cards at first, I just relied on the tarot reader's interpretation. I have always believed in some interpretation of the past, present and future. And there are a few cards in my mind that are deeply affecting my feelings. For example: I have drawn sword three many times, it is a heart with three swords, indicating heartbreak, pain, sadness. The picture of crossing a river on sword 6 indicates parting and a long journey. Wheel of Destiny: The destiny of the person, the irresistible cycle of heaven.

Although tarot itself is not a game, the profound implication contained in the 78 cards, the connection between the cards and one's inner feelings, is the realization of immersion. It's a combination of the story experience and the player experience. As the game theory we've learned, the more limited the rules and details of a game are, the more nuanced the experience will be, and the more limited the rules of play are (as with tarot cards, you can have multiple combinations and interpretations), the wider the experience will be. Sometimes I listen to the interpretation of the tarot master over and over again, wondering where the spiritual guidance of the cards is and what I should do.

  • Roger Caillois - Man, Play and Games, Chapters 1-2

Our game is a mix of AGON and ALEA, favoring LUDUS.