Are you a robot?

 @Interactive Installation

My project is an arduino and processing based image recognition game. Users will get feedback from the laughing sound and final score.

My project is an image recognition game for users to choose which laughing face is real which is manipulated by AI software. There is an introduction area on the wood-board around the screen which tell users details of this game. Users can put their hands on sensors to choose, then after 20 images, they will get the final score. After each choose, if they made the wrong choice, they will hear the laughing sound as the mocking feedback. There will also be a sentence on the LCD screen as a hint to push them think about their surroundings after game finish. On the box, there are some engraving sentences like you are a xx.xx% robot, this is just the design.

This project’s inspiration is from my previous project These memes did not exist. My previous project talked about how people are sunken into the entertainment world. Seems nobody really care about if the imaged are fake or not but just fun is enough. So I think that could be interesting if I designed a game asking people to tell which is real/ fake. I also refer to Google’s image recognition system captcha. I feel it’s really
interesting for machine to tell if a person is a robot. Some times I feet the captcha system is really annoying. Then I made this machine. This machine’s design also refers to blade runner’s test machine. All the manipulated laughing images are made by FaceApp. By this game, I want people to think about how technology has changed our life? Why the AI tool can be too real to tell. What kind of threat are we facing in this contemporary world?