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Project name: Random combination


The project is a rearrangement of the reality.

My project comes from a doubt about how technology changed our life and the gaze of the real living environment of contemporary human beings. The convenience of technology makes the generation of an image more and moreeasier. Take photography as an example, from the early days of silver salt photography to the increasing convenience of film cameras, to digital cameras, the auto mode, and then to the popularity of mobile photography, as it gets easier to produce a photo and cheaper to press the shot button, the chances of producing a good image get smaller. Now 3D is getting “silly”, too. There are some 3d scan apps but not limited to sitescape/capture / 3d scanner/Qlone….. They can save a lot of finely crafted time and the need of advanced equipments compare to traditional ones. In such a mode of fast-food aesthetic and content output, the word graphic art seems somewhat ironic.

Therefore, I want to do a research project based on mobile 3D scanning app.

First of all, I need to collect 3D models extensively through the camera of my mobile phone, not only in my daily life and my room, but also with the help of friends around me. Then I will rearrange all the objects we've collected and change their proportions and positions. I'll also create a walk-through environment (Unity?). . The "characters" of walk through can only know their own appearance through mirrors, which satirizes that the infinite power of technology is in proportion to the loss of personal creativity. For the final result,I want to create a website where users could see random combinations of 3D objects on the page every time they refreshed the site. The viewer can regards this environment as something between a game and an exhibition. Starting from a physical object/scene, but ultimately rendered by a virtual environment. I also want to combine machine Learning at the same time, but have no specific plan yet.

Other theoretical support and background research direction

In a way, I think cameras are a form of surveillance. Traditional surveillance is 24/7, the lens is pointed, directional. The same goes for 3D scanning, which is essentially a surveillance of our everyday environment.So I wanted to break down that surveillance, I wanted to disrupt the environment and reintegrate it。

Glitchy of art

The image from iphone's 3D scan is a fusion of flaws, full of sections, traces, overlaps and blurs. It gives people a surreal, fragmented, patchwork sensory experience. I began to wonder what the source of failure was and whether machine learning had anything to do with it. Can I use machine learning to recreate these failures?

Random combination is a piecing together based on a real environment: the process by which real people merge from real memories into virtual 3D installations. This 3D environment is a real de-emphasis, a patchwork of details. Refer to the dream maker in Blade Runner 2049, who specializes in weaving replicant memories through various details.


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