pink burcher's

This is a multimedia work combining 3D vision and moving installation telling the story of a female doll head trying to find her body parts to escape the factory.

The installation consists of two steel frames on the left and right. The pink butcher shop on the left tells the story of what "she" found on her escaping journey from the factory, including a bizarre 3D vision. "She" is a doll head who wakes up from an abandoned factory and tries to escape by finding her remaining body parts in the abandoned hallways. The body parts that hang on steel frames and the layers of acrylic boxes refer to the journey from the factory assembly line to the butchers' trolley products, but never to the intact herself and her soul. Is the clone conscious? Even if she "wakes up" like Dolores in Westworld. By this, “she” means not only male sex products, AI voice assistants, and all products in which women as servers. Her head was trapped in the right side cage, the wire pulling her up, shaking, falling, but never escaping.


The foundation of this project originally came from my undergraduate dissertation : The Divided Bodies and Spirits : On Seeing Women As Commodities In the Contemporary Age.

I was writing about the commodification of women, how there were so many strange female body shapes made out of male sex objects: female feet, breasts, even cakes combined with female genitalia... The female body was randomly cut up and stitched together. This strange desire was turned into reality by the rapid development of imagination and manufacturing. It seems that even today's women cannot escape the phenomenon of being commoditized. It is not just men who buy the physical value of women, but also women buying female labourer to transfer their motherhood mentioned in Feminism for the 99 percent. So I chose to use the symbol of the doll products in the factory to show the struggle and escape of women implanted with “consciousness”. "The androids become cyborgs once they are coded with reveries (a sort of historical consciousness and memory which brings them a great deal of suffering and courage to rebel)" (2019) Just as many AI assistants and hosts in movies and TV series are set as female roles, it seems that women as service providers have become an imperceptible perception of contemporary people, which is not positively related to the development of science and technology, but seems ironic.

I was inspired a lot by Jon Rafman's Dream Journal. The deconstructed body forms the various limbs and arms of the butcher shop. When she reached the end of the 3D aisle, she found that what she could find was not much able to use with. She was being pulled up and down by the chain, bumping side to side, but she couldn't get out.

When I was designing the prototype, I chose to make two 1*1*1.8m frames. The left frame was used as a "butcher shop" to hang body parts, and there were four stepper engines under the right frame. Each steering engine was connected to the head of the doll through a pulley on the top, and four chains were connected to the bottom of the doll. In this way, no matter what direction and speed the steering gear is running, the doll cannot escape from the cage. The collision and fall of her head during the violent movement formed a violent aesthetic.