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The Fragility of Material Semiotics :

“webs of relations are performative: that they do things. It also shows that in principle webs are fragile. This is another common material semiotic assumption. You cannot build a network, lock it in place, and throw away the key. It has to be done again and again and again if it is to hold. Everything is a process.”

In other words:
MS is not about how things fit in a pre-existing category or identity, it asks how the way in which they are assembled, designed, implemented constitutes a category or identity or idea.

Material semiotics and Situated Knowledges theory is very similar, no material can last permanently, just like a web page, You cannot build a network, lock it in place, and throw
Away the key. Computational based art Is based on the knowledge fluidity. There are always some new tecnologies/theories. How should we understand the word "Fragile"? It can be understood as easy to broke, or changeable, in a dynamic equilibrium relationship. In this way, knowledge is fragile because new theories are constantly being introduced, notes are fragile because there will always be financial crises and inflation, and relationships are fragile because they are in balance between people. Any object built on cause and effect, based on changing concepts, is actually fragile, except for gold/gems.

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