47things that I want to remember

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47things that I want to remember is a photography zine recording my sensitive emotions. I combined the literal poem and the visual poem together to build the link of my memory and vision archive. This poem is about what if I suddenly get blind now what are the most impressive 47 things in my mind. When I used to be a kid , I always lived with anxiety. I have spent about three blurry years without glasses but with shortsightedness. I was so afraid to tell my mom, then I just kept the secret by myself , my eyes got more and more worse. At that time I felt scared that I may be blind someday so I get much more sensitive about the vision around me. 

I want to remember the city in sunshine
I want to remember wires cut though the sky
I want to remember the silhouette of the clouds and the time emits a stream of light
and there are so many people trying to caught a rainbow-colored soap bubble
I want to remember a ship
a ship takes me far away

I look trough a glass
I saw many scratches
I feel itchy
I saw a bird's hollowed chest
I kept one of her feather
I feel empty
I put my past all spreading out spread on the screen

I want to remember the dust flying at dusk
I want to remember
a duck with a hole in his flipper
I guess it is burned by cigarette
I want to remember those silkworm cocoon their born and death
the parrot and the eyes of parrot
dragonfly and peacock

I want to remember
the Statue of Liberty
The end of 66 is the Pacific Ocean
A cracked gorge cleaved the river and a horse rides the mountains the rocks
the cities that I marked on the map and that night's blue wing

I want to remember a boy's wink
I saw Dante raises his hand
the dove looked at the moon
I stand at the Mediterranean city looking down and goddess
and the Roman Forum
A flower stuck out from a crack in the wall and bloom

I want to remember the photo of my three
The firework at that summer
I want to remember all my
read books
known words
seen images
and the names on the wall of museum

On the way back home
the white clouds
the red roof
the yellow M
the silver sunshine
the hat written London
I feel tired
I put my shoes on the chair
I stare at the mirror
and the light

And after all exactly who turned off the whole galaxy
let my drops down
I have to remember all
Because I'm afraid one day there will be someone ask me loudly to my invisible eyes
I'll whisper that I can't see But I all remember


                                                                                                                                                                           @Ruiqi Li 2021